Simply smiling while simply laying with simple family time. Moments that seem like nothing, but that I wouldn’t let go for anything. I’m a blessed man.


Past, Present, Future


It’s an interesting thing to truly love someone. I actually love Heather for who she used to be, even before we ever met. I love her for the woman she is. I love her for what I imagi she will continue to grow to be. I can only imagine how God does the same with us.



This picture seemed like yesterday. So much has happened since this day, and it makes me long for more time on this earth with her. I heard a doctor lament about what his patients would say in their waning minutes of life when he delivered the news of impending death. The common thread for all was the regret of not spending time more wisely with those they love. Every minute provides us an opportunity to make someone else’s life better. My biggest fear is leaving this planet without Heather knowing exactly how much she is loved.

Genesis 2:24


Becoming “one flesh” has, and will continue to be the greatest, most invigorating and inspiring learning experience in this man’s life. I’ve made my share of mistakes, but when you are one, you hurt yourself in the process. Thank God for her forgiveness, and her continued love. My “better half” is the only good half about me. How I got so blessed, I may never know.

Greatest love

This verse becomes a conceptual reality for people at different times in their lives. It is humbling to think how much God loimageves us in light of how readily I would lay everything down to ensure that Heather was taken care of. How He can love us that much is overwhelming to me, but I’m forever grateful. How He also loved me enough to allow me to share my life with such an amazing woman is also a mystery that I am privileged to try and comprehend.

Greater love hath no man…


…than to lay down his life for his friends. I’d like to believe that if push came to shove, I’d lay down my own life for those I care about. When it comes to Heather and my daughters, though, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to sacrifice it all for their wellbeing. I remember my father telling me that I’ll understand true love when I have kids. He was partially right, except for the fact that he forgot about my wife. All three of my ladies bring me closer to understanding the love that God has for all of us.

Ecclesiastes 4:12


For far too long I would have said that there are only two of us in this picture. The reality is, however, God is the head of this Union. Remembering that notion; though simple, strengthens every word, every promise, and every act of love between the two of us. I see her through His eyes, and I can’t help but love her so deeply that fills my soul to overflowing.